What our students can do

14 11 2008

We are proud to announce the publishing of the first workbook from the Maritime Archaeology Programme. The book is written jointly by students and staff of the programme as part of our annual “special topics” course. The purpose of the “special topics” is to do in-depth work on a selected topic, using a seminar format where students and staff members cooperate on a specific project.

The topic of the workbook is the Gredstedbro ship from the 7th century. The ship was found in 1945 during a normalization project on the stream Kongeåen (“King’s river”) in Southwest Jutland. Originally interpreted as remains of a bridge, a few pieces of the wood were torn off and stored at the museum in Ribe, and the location forgotten. Only 20 years later the timbers were recognized as ship timbers, but the parts that are still out there have yet to be found.

Pending further work on the site, the workbook covers aspects of the landscape, the cultural, social and political environment of the Early Middle Ages, and compares the timbers from Gredstedbro to other contemporary ship finds from Northern Europe. Ship finds from this period are rare, but in construction and dimensions, the Gredstedbro ship seems best to resemble the Sutton Hoo ship.

The workbook entitled “The Migration Period, Southern Denmark and the North Sea can be viewed and downloaded here.

Bo Ejstrud
Associate professor
Maritime Archaeology Programme