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Identifying Identity – Inaugural address of professor Thijs Maarleveld

The Migration Period, southern denmark and the North sea. A workbook in relation to the Gredstedbro find

Maritime Archaeology Newsletter from Denmark

Volume 24, 2009

Volume 23, 2008

Volume 22, 2007

Volume 21, 2006

Articles and other publications

Maarleveld, T. (2009). Boomstamboot Kadoelerveld Opgravingsrapport. Esbjerg.

Adams, J., van Holk, A. F. L., Maarleveld, T. (1990). Dredgers and Archaeology. Shipfinds from the Slufter. Alphen aan den Rijn.

Auer, J., & Firth, A. (2007). The Gresham Ship: an interim report on a 16th-century wreck from Princes Channel, Thames Estuary. Post-Medieval Archaeology, 41, 222-241.

Maarleveld, T. (2007). The 2001 UNESCO-Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: Origin and Consequences. In M. Hahn-Pedersen (Ed.) Havets kulturarv (pp. 9-32). Esbjerg.


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