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Maritime Archaeology
Maritime History
Commercial Diving
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Our pages

Our University page – with details on the programme.

Our commercial diving school – infos on the diving course and entry requirements.

Our facebook page – quick updates, blog news and events…

We use Flickr – for all our photographs from courses, field schools and events.

Our videos – are hosted on YouTube.

See our Scribd page – for newsletters, articles and documents.


Underwater Archaeology Jobs – A great site for maritime archaeology jobs.

Archaeojobs – Jobs, tenders and grants for both land- and underwater archaeologists.

British Archaeological Jobs & resources – A portal for UK Archaeology and a great resource!

IFA Maritime Affairs Group – The news blog of the Maritime Affairs Group, Institute of Field Archaeologists also advertises relevant positions.

Maritime Archaeology

Nordic Underwater Archaeology – Although not updated anymore, still a great resource on all things related to maritime archaeology in the north.

Maritime History

Maritime History Virtual Archives – The ultimate resource on maritime history. Constantly updated with new information.

Google Scholar and Google Books – are two very powerful research tools (not only for maritime history) that help to get you started with the literature search for your project. They both integrate really well with Zotero for your reference management as well. Non copyrighted material is available as pdf download in Google Books!

Commercial Diving

HSE Diving – Commercial diving information from the British HSE. This page also has a very useful list of approved diving qualifications!

Dykkerloven – Danish diving Legislation online (only in Danish)

Longstreath – The best commercial diving resource page in the world

Offshorediver – Although targeted to what it says, there’s a lot of useful information here!

Useful Software

Useful free or open source tools for the archaeologist with a low budget…

Firefox – The best and most customizable browser yet…

Open Office – The ultimate free office suite. Very well suited for writing a thesis or dissertation. You might also want to have a look at the many useful extensions that are available!

Scribus – A great free and open source desktop publishing package. A very good InDesign replacement.

Inkscape – Vector editing the free and open source way for those who can’t afford Illustrator…

Gimp – is an excellent free photo editor (maybe not quite as user friendly and capable as photoshop, but FREE). Plugins, such as ufraw even allow raw image processing.

RawTherapee – is another very powerful open source raw editor for those who shoot raw files with a digital SLR camera (like Adobe Camera Raw).

Hugin – an amazing free and open source panorama photo stitcher – perfect for overview shots.

Qtpfsgui – a tool for those who would like to try HDR photography for free…

Xnview – is a brilliant photo viewer with exif and iptc editing capabilities. Very useful for cataloguing all those excavation photographs…

Quantum GIS – provides full raster and vector GIS capabilities for all platforms, completely free! Manuals are available in a number of languages and an excellent “Gentle Introduction to GIS” helps you to understand the principles of Geographic Information Systems!

QCAD – an open source 2D CAD system, suitable for most basic CAD applications (site plans, etc.) and really easy to learn!!

Zotero –  is the absolutely best free reference manager in the form of a Firefox extension. It even offers Open Office and Microsoft Word integration! This software is  essential for all MAP students!!! You can find screencasts on the Zotero page and a manual here. We use Zotero in the courses for publication projects and reading lists.



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