Fieldschool Day 18

19 08 2009
All the tourists are gone

All the tourists are gone

… and so are we… (I thought this last impression of Prerow Beach was a fitting picture for the last day). Home to Esbjerg after a lot of cleaning and clearing up. We certainly had a great time – perfect diving, exciting archaeology, a lot of motivation and good mood everywhere and great barbecues!

So, in the name of the “University teaching staff”, many thanks to all participants for the great work and motivation!!!

We would also like to thank Detlef Jantzen and Jens-Peter Schmidt from the Landesamt für Kultur und Denkmalpflege for inviting us, the Bauamt Fischland Darss and Frau Pfeiffer in the Kurverwaltung Prerow for their support and help with our “basecamp”, the international school in Prerow and here especially the caretaker Her Schütt for all the help and support with equipment and the gym, our “site-office”, and last but not least Familie Fiedler in Richtenberg for equipping us with a full field kitchen and fridge and our trusty “handwagen” and speedwelding the UMA!

Jens Auer

Assistant Professor

Maritime Archaeology Programme




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