Fieldschool Day 16

11 08 2009
Jen Dredging inside the ship at the stern

Jens Dredging inside the ship at the stern

It had been raining all night and it was still raining a bit when we got up, so it seemed to be a wet day. But as the other times with rain at night, this day turned out to be a warm day afterall. The main aim of the day was to keep dredging by the mast of the ship and record what appeared with photos and measured sketches.

First dive started out with a drysuit that turned into a very wet suit because of a big hole in the sleeve. Fortunately Christian, Cate and Sarah were quickly at the beach to step in for the wet diver. A measured sketch and lots of documentation were made of the mast by Martin and Marja so it turned out succesfully after all.

On dive 2, our two professors, Jens and Thijs, were dredging by the mast and tried to find out where the mast were supported but with no luck. They decided that work should be continued on the inside of the stern where a lot of modern stuff appeared but also some worked timber pieces that were sketched and photographed on the third dive by Cate and Christian.

In the camp Kostas made the curves from the UMA measurments in excell. Some curves turned out very well while others looked like bananas on a hook. The work with the ”4 am wreck” is processing and the last four frames are on their way to be finished.

Bente Grundvad




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