Fieldschool Day 14

9 08 2009
Bente demonstrates her natural abilities with a dredger

Bente demonstrates her natural abilities with a dredger

Today we began dredging around the shipwreck.  Our plan is to make three “trenches” around the ship: at the bow, the stern, and inside the ship at the mast.  Unlike a trench found on a land excavation, these trenches are more like craters, and they have a tendency to refill themselves if the sides get to be too steep.  It is possible that the crater made today won’t even be visible tomorrow, as the sea is constantly moving sand and sediment.

The three teams made some progress with their dredging, although the sediment proved to be less than stable.  The crater did collapse in a bit, so the next day of working will be redoing what we did today.  A few draft markings were uncovered in the process, and once they have been measured, they can be used to determine where the ship came from.

After the three working dives, we filmed a few tasks for the next batch of students on the dive course.  This included removal and replacement of a full-face mask while underwater, and a rescue drill.  Owing to the professionalism of all those involved, both tasks were executed with no problems, and only needed multiple takes due to problems with the filming equipment.

We are also making excellent progress with FPL 77, the 4 AM wreck.  More planks have been removed, and we are expecting to have recording completed by Wednesday, as well as dendrochronolgy samples taken.

Andrew Stanek




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