Fieldschool Day 12

7 08 2009
Story time at FPL 77

Story time at FPL 77

Today we were again blessed with glorious weather at the school site and the sea conditions were also favourable for diving. The aim for the first of the days diving on the ‘Telephone Reciever wreck’ (FPL 17) was to use the newly renamed Underwater Measuring Apparatus ® to capture the curve of the ship’s frames, Bente and Martin made good headway on this.

Later Christian added to the plan of the wreck site while Marja took measurements and noted descriptions of all the timbers. For the last dive of the day Thijs continued the task of timber descriptions while Jens potogrpahed the wreck. All this diving was closely watched over by standby divers and captain for the day Sarah.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….work continued on the ‘4am’ wreck (FPL 77) with another clinker plank being removed and other loose clinker planks being carefully measured and sketched by the remainder of the team on land with a brief interruption by a group of local kindergarten children who had a story time with Jens learning about the piece and its importance.

All in all everything went according to plan today, including the ice cream after dinner…

Delia Ni Chiobhain




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