Fieldschool Day 11

6 08 2009
Bente and Martin using the UMA

Bente and Martin using the UMA

Another sunny day in Prerow. After breakfast we started making templates for measurings and description of the timbers under water. One of the templates were to fill in the curvature of the frames, this should be done using the invention known as UMA (Underwater Measuring Aparatus), as shown on the picture.

The plan for the Telephone receiver wreck was to draw a sketch of the wreck from above, using the measurings of the frames we had already filled in.
The first two divers down were sketching, using UMA and taking pictures of the wreck. The apparatus seems to work as planned, but it seems to be better to be two people to operate it.
During the second dive the wind picked up and the divers had problems getting back into the boat, so the group on board decided to cancel the last dive of the day.
Even thought we only got in two days we had had two productive dives.

Jens spoke to a very talkative local today, that remebered swimming by the wreck in the 1930s, so now we know that it has been there longer than that…

On the camp we started taking our clinker piece apart, taking pictures and filling in forms, that work will be continued the coming days.

Liv Gardsjord Lofthus




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