Fieldschool Day 10

5 08 2009
Jens prepares Martin for his dive

Jens prepares Martin for his dive

We had a very productive day today. The outline of our underwater wreck (FPL 17) was completed by Marja and Bente. They set up a measuring tape along the port side base line. Then completed the outline of the port side.  Thijs took sided and moulded measurements of some frames. He also took some width and thickness measurements of planks.The fastening details of these planks and frames indicate that the boat is late 19th century early 20th century. During this dive martin took photographs of the entire ship. Many of the photographs were from the surface so it might be possible to put a photo mosaic together. It was not a great day for photographs however as there was a lot of sediment in the water. Jens and Christian took the plan back down, for the third dive, so that some of the internal features could be added. They put  a baseline, longitudinally, through the centre of the boat, parallel to the other two baselines.  With this they were able to measure in the keelson and the mast. I should say at this point that the wreck is upside-down on seafloor, so the keelson is sitting on top of the base of the mast. There is 55cm of mast coming out from the seafloor.  Jens and Christian also took two measurements going across the wreck to ensure the previous measurements were correct. Much to everybody’s  relief, they were.

Work continued on the “4 am” wreck (FPL77), with everybody on shore lending a hand. Up to this point each layer of planking has been removed chronologically. After all visible timbers were labelled, the flush planking was removed. Following the completion of a scale drawing the filler planks were removed.  The filler planks, or chocks, helped the flush planks to sit securely on the clinker planks. Today Della, Bente and Liv completed a 1:10 plan of the clinker planks, attached to the frames. Martin, Andrew, Christian, Liv, Jens, Kostas and I completed timber sheets for the filler planks. Andrew and Marja completed 1:10 drawings of two filler planks. Christian completed two scale drawings and a measured sketch of the filler planks. We also began timber sheets for the clinker planks in preparation for their removal tomorrow.

Sarah Fawsitt




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