Fieldschool Day 9

4 08 2009
Recording the 4 a.m. wreck.

Recording the '4 a.m. wreck'.

Mike-Alpha-Papa Dive Ops…

I woke up this morning and I thought it would be a rainy day, but it turned out to be quite nice. It cleared up and it became a beautiful day, full of motivation and optimistic thoughts. We started so early, but a few minor things seemed to keep things behind… It didn’t happen…

First up for diving were Martin and Andrew. They carried out measurements of the wreck site and some checking on the outline drawing of the ship. Next to dive were Marja and myself. We went down to the starboard side of the wreck and tagged three additional planks and timbers that had been missed on previous tagging. When that was done, we started drawing the port side of the bow section. That was not easy… We had to try out different ways of doing that, but who dares wins. The last dive was carried out by Sarah and Della. They measured over half of the port side.

In the meantime back in the campsite…

Details finished on the second layer of the FPL wreck, we like to call it ‘4 a.m. wreck’, this is how it will remain among ourselves. Dumpy levels were taken to record its profile. Jens Auer made a description of the wreck. Jens, Bente Grundvad, Christian Thomsen and Andrew Stanek started recording the filling pieces.

A hard day’s work came to its end, but a big smile appeared on our faces.

By Kostas Alexiou




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