Fieldschool Day 8

3 08 2009
Cate and Christian heading for the boat, for the first dive of the day.

Cate and Christian heading for the boat, for the first dive of the day.

The sun has left us, instead of waking up to a blue sky, it was instead clouded and rain. As Theijs so nicely put it; the difference between land archaeology and maritime archaeology is that maritime archaeologist work no matter the weather (With a slight moderation when it comes to wind of course=0), so the rain did not in any way slow down our progress or our mood for that matter…. Who needs the sun….

The site plan for the Telephone receiver wreck (Fpl 17) is coming along. After putting up additional baselines to improve the accuracy, the drawing of the frames started. Since we have a well preserved rising ship, we decided to draw as if the wreck was flushed with the ocean floor in order to get a comprehensible plan without to much clutter. This basically leaves the frames looking like small squares and makes it a lot quicker to draw. It was also attempted to do some cleaning of the site by removing a tree trunk. This turned out to be much more work then expected and in the end the tree trunk won and is still standing in the stern part of our ship in the writing moment.

Even though we have been diving the wreck for a week now, new pieces still pop up from under sand. Today a large piece of timber was discovered on the outside of the outline of the ship on the starboard side. It is still not clear which part of the wreck this could be.

Back in the camp work continues on 4 am wreck (Fpl 77). The recording of the two planks that have come off are almost finished and the overview drawing continues.

Marja-Liisa P. Grue




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