Fieldschool Day 7

2 08 2009
Sarah measuring and drawing the planks of the FPL 77 wreck

Sarah measuring and drawing the planks of the FPL 77 wreck

Woke up to the tip-tapping of rain on the tent, but before we could even think about the day to come, the sun was already out and hot, like a baked potato. I gave my briefing of the things to come while everyone ate their Master-choco cereal and tried to catch bugs. Some went as far as to set up ‘wanna-bee traps’ to lure in our breakfast stealers. After the briefing, everyone immediately set about doing their jobs, no questions asked.

The first dive of the day was very successful. We decided to re-establish a baseline along the ship so to ensure accuracy in the drawing and in the future sketches that were to be made. The first divers in, Bente and Andrew completed the outline within one dive. The second dive consisted of Martin and Kostas drawing in details and refining the outline. Finally with the third dive, Christian and Liv went around the wreck taking measurements, primarily of the bow and stern sections. At the end of the dive, after the divers flopped aboard deck, a mini-briefing was held where we could discuss what had happened underwater.

As for the ‘land-based underwater archaeology’, the FPL 77 wreck has still been worked on continuously throughout the days. Sarah and I completed one side of the plank tagged ‘100,’ which was removed yesterday and today Sarah and Andrew completed that plank. An extensive legend was completed with various types of trenail holes, trenail holes with iron nails, wooden plugs … etc. Furthermore, we have continued to have both those on FPL duty and camp duty give the wreck a nice luscious wash done as often as possible. With such hot days and the baking sun helping our tans, the wreck needs more and more water so it does not dry up. Then again, so do we – back to diving.

Cate Wagstaffe




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4 08 2009
Distance Learning Blogg

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