Fieldschool Day 6

1 08 2009
Jens Auer removing outer planks of FPL 77 4am wreck

Jens Auer removing outer planks of FPL 77 "4am wreck"

Another sunny day in Prerow, Germany, started at 7 am with breakfast and briefing of the upcoming day. The aim of the day was to tag the rest of the wreck’s timbers, identify the tags on the drawings that were made the previous days and to make a few corrections on the site plan drawing.
The first two dives went perfect and almost everything was completed, so that our dive instructor Jens Auer and diver Konstantinos Alexiou only had to make a few corrections and then start doing tomorrows tasks of cleaning and start drawing. Unfortunately, Jens found out that everything was distorted because our two base lines were too far away from the wreck. That means that the outline of the wreck was wrong and thereby also the frames and the planks that were drawn in today and yesterday. We therefore need to set up two additional baselines tomorrow and start all over again. But then again we are here to learn so it is good that we were ahead of our plan. At the end of the day the waves became huge and supervisor Marja-Liisa Grue and diver Martin Lonergan reported about waves at a height of two and a half meters (they are still walking from side to side).
In the camp the work continued on the FPL 77 wreck where the upmost layer were taken off the wreck so further registration could continue. New elements and planks were tagged and pins in different colours were put in to point out fastenings.
Bente Grundvad




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