Fieldschool Day 5

31 07 2009
Andrew investigating the framing

Andrew investigating the framing

A thunder and lightning storm woke everybody in their tents at 04’42 and we presumed the worst but it was not to be. After a large amount of heavy rain it cleared up and it became a beautiful day. First up for diving were Jens and Andrew and they carried out photography of the wreck site and working operation in an amazing visibility up to twenty meters. Next to dive are Sarah and Marja. This perfect visibility gave them the opportunity to start the tagging of the various part of the wreck and to draw some of its interesting features.  The last dive of the day was carried out by Cate and Christian. They continued on with the tagging of the wreck and made great progress towards completing the drawing of the wreck. Meanwhile at the campsite Bente, Jens and Martin finished the drawing plan of the ‘4 a.m. wreck’ (FPL 77). They also managed to survey ‘4 a.m. wreck’ (FPL 77) with a total station before the divers arrive back from a hard day’s work.

Martin Lonergan




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