Fieldschool Day 3

30 07 2009
Supervisor checks before dive

Supervisor checks before dive

Having the task today of being the site director I had planned an ambitious day of diving. The main task of the divers was to establish a recording grid and maybe start recording. With An early start I wanted to do four dive and if possible a fifth dive could be squeezed in. This plan slid even before the first dive. After a successful morning briefing, we made practice set up of the grid in the camp, to make sure it was understood by everyone.

Arriving to the boat moored approximately three kilometers down the beach from the site, I discovered that the fuel tank had been removed the day before, after diving. This resulted in a rather late start of the first dive. After retrieving fuel for the boat the first dive team got in the water about 11 o clock.

I was part of the second dive together with Bente. My dry suit wasn’t nearly as dry as the name promises. My left leg was completely soaked shortly after the beginning of the dive. Wearing the backplate, my only buoyancy control was my suit. When surfacing I couldn’t keep air in the suit since it was constantly escaping from my neck seal, this meant that I couldn’t stay at the surface with out kicking hard. Despite these problems we got the grid right and started on the drawing.

The third dive went well and the outline of the wreck was recorded on the drawing.

After a chaotic start we got the things running and managed to reach the goal set for the day’s dive.

Christian Thomsen




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