Fieldschool Day 2

28 07 2009
Cate Wagstaff draws as the other students study the details.

Cate Wagstaffe draws as the other students study the details.

Began Tuesday at 04:00 following an urgent call for assistance from the local authorities. Had breakfast and headed to the Bernstein Weg beach. We arrived at 05:20. A small patch of wood showed through the sand, on the edge of the surf. We began clearing the sand with hands and shovels. First planking then treenails and then frames appeared. We dug all of the planking proud of the sand. A two-pronged digger was used to loosen remains. The remains were loosened a little more with shovels. Following this it was taken out of the sand completely by the digger. We could see the boat was originally clinker built. The clinker hull had been covered with flush outer planking. There were the remains of two flush planks on top of original clinker planking and frames. Filling planks were used to assist the flush laid planks to sit securely on the clinker planks. The frames appeared to be of different sizes. The iron nails were sometimes on the upper and sometimes on the lower face of the planks. They had had roves around them as indicated by square indents around the small square holes. There was a little metal staining in some cases in the rove indents. There was one wooden nail that was square at its head it was the same width as the iron nail heads, about 1cm . Cate made a drawing of the remains. Bente and Kostas took photos of the morning’s proceedings. There was sea grass on the underside of the wreck, which was the inner side of the hull. The planking butts of the clinker section overlapped, showing the direction of the stem and stern. The wreck was attached to a heavy wooden board transported to a large pick-up truck. Then it was transported to our campsite and where we kept it water logged with a sprinkler.
08:00 We were back at our site. We had three dives today on the Ostsee-Bereich wreck. Thijs and Jens were first into the water. This was also their first dive on the wreck. They cleaned most of it with brushes. Maja and Cate were the next dive pair into the water. They picked up where Thijs and Jens left off, cleaning the wreck. The last dive pair of the day was Andrew and Martin. Their main aim was to start a photo record of the wreck. They also took some working shots of each other cleaning the wreck. Bente was dive supervisor for the day. The dives ended at 18:15. Dinner was followed by discussions of the day’s events and of plans for the next day. The remainder of the evening was spent processing the day’s accumulated data.

Sarah Fawsitt.




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