Fieldschool Day 1

27 07 2009
Martin cleaning the wreck

Martin cleaning the wreck


For a period of three weeks the Maritime Archaeology Programme, usually based in the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, is relocating to sunny northern Germany.  The class of 2008 along with professors, Jens Auer and Thijs Maarleveld arrived at Prerow on Sunday the 27th of July. The class is made up of Cate Wagstaffe, Andrew Stanek, Marja Lisa Grue, Christian Thomsen, Martin Lonergan, Bente Grundvad, Kostas Alexiou, Sarah Fawsitt, Delia Ni Chiobhain, and Liv Loftus. On Sunday we erected our tents and had an evening swim out to the wreck site. The wreck was located 200 metres from shore as was expected.

Day one

Monday morning our main aim was to launch our two boats. Our newest boat, the Mapper launched without any problems. Our inflatable however had a puncture so we were unable to launch it. The Mapper and two divers headed for the wreck site where a buoy was secured near the wreck.

Meanwhile back at the camp the first divers prepared their equipment and headed down to the beach. When they arrived, Mapper came into shore to pick them up. There were four dives altogether. The first divers entered the water at 12’51. They put down a measuring tape to use for offset measurement in the center of the wreck. Christian Thomsen begun the sketch, while Cate Wagstaffe was ‘cleaning’ the wreck. Cate took over the sketching half way through dive and Christian continued with the cleaning. They finished their dive an hour later. The next divers were Andrew Stanek and Sarah Fawsitt, they focused on the sketching and took some more measurements. They also did certain amount of cleaning. Their dive was from 15’17 to 15’51. Kostas Alexiou and Bente Grundvad begun their dive at 16’52. Kostas cleaning and Bente made some more measurements and sketching. They reached surface at 17’57. Martin Lonergan and Marja Grue began their dive at 18’36. Their aim was to check out the extent of the wreck, but their dive had to be aborted after 15 minutes, due to a time constraints. After the last divers and most of the equipment were brought to shore the powerboat was taken back to the initial area (surfing school) and the last of the equipment was taken out, before it was anchored. The people responsible for the mooring and driving the boat were picked up from there.

After dinner we had a debriefing and were told that due to a wreck washing up on a nearby beach we would be having an early start in the morning.




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