Deep Diving Week. Hemmoor, Germany

12 04 2009

Monday the 30th of March the Maritime Archaeology Programme commercial diving course went to Hemmoor in Northern Germany to spent a week diving in the famous Kreidesee. The Kreidesee is a flooded chalk quarry near Hamburg that was turned into a perfect dive site for divers at all levels. The visibility is fantastic, sometimes more than ten meters.

Recording the sailboat (B. Grundvad)

Recording the sailboat (B. Grundvad)

Besides gaining experience with dives to 30m, the week in Hemmoor also served as recording and navigation practice. Diving was either tethered using the Interspiro Divator full face mask, or untethered and on half masks.
The “archaeological objects” to record with measured sketches and photographs included a sailing yacht with all sails set at a depth of 12m and an airplane with skeleton passenger (with sunglasses, submachine gun and suitcase full of money…).

A strange encounter... (B. Grundvad)

A strange encounter... (B. Grundvad)

Getting the buoyancy right proved essential, as one fin kick at the wrong moment could leave everybody in the dark for minutes.
One of the easier dives was sightseeing around the famous concrete Rüttler with a truck parked on top of it (no compasses involved…).
Finally, the trip was rounded off by a visit to a unique “Greek – Indian” Restaurant with authentic music.
Despite some small hiccups, such as wrong navigation (the Hemmoor Bermuda Triangle), slight buoyancy problems, constant entanglement and half of the team struck by the flue, etc. I think we all agree that our dive trip to Hemmoor was a fantastic experience that only increased our love for diving.

Bente Grundvad




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