Piece 3b of the Princes Channel Wreck – week 4

26 03 2009

This week we have started putting our pieces together. Our piece has two layers of frames. Originally the boat was built with only one layer, and later the planking was taken off to add another layer on the outside before the planks were put back on, a technique that is called furring. The wale was not removed during the process, and became the stringer, after the furring.

When we made our frames we used the digital archive in Rhino; some of them were not fully recorded, and we did not get all the additional information we needed to make them from sketches or photos either. We had to improvise with some of the pieces by comparing them to others that we had more information about.

After cutting out all the pieces in cardboard, we glued it together using the drawing of the inside overview plan of 3b to locate each one of them. Initially we glued the outer frames to the stringer. We then understood that we should make a cut in them, were the stringer could fit in to make it an even structure. When making the cut for the stringer we realized that some of the improvised frames were not thick enough, that the stringer would split the frames in two. Instead of making the frames again, we decided to glue more layers of cardboard on to the already made frames to make them thicker. We have also worked on the water way and the ledge.

Konstantinos Alexiou, Liv Gardsjord Lofthus & Cate Wagstaffe




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