Piece 3a of the Princes Channel Wreck – week 3

19 03 2009

We began our piece of the project by constructing the frames. This was for two reasons, the first more practical reason being that the other teams had begun building the planks first, leaving the tools for building the frames free. The second more theoretical reason was that the Prince’s Channel wreck appears to be a frame-first built ship.

To begin constructing the frames we printed out a Rhino recording of each frame in a scale of 1:20. There were two views of each frame, one of the sided side and the other of the molded side. Our team decided to make the frames out of wood to provide a more authentic reconstruction. In each case we first glued the molded side of the print-out to a piece of wood. Then we traced around the lines with a jig-saw. In some cases all of the lines were not present as they were obscured by other timbers during recording. In this case we needed to reconstruct the lines. We did this in three ways, 1) revisiting the Rhino file, 2) looking at the original recording sheets, and 3) imagination. Once the molded side was cut out we glued on the print-out of the sided side to the top of the molded side and cut that out with the jig-saw. In all we had 28 frames.

Piece 3a

And now to the planks! These were very straightforward. We made these in cardboard as this is more flexible. The planks varied in thickness so we chose the most common thickness of 3mm (at a scale of 1:20). Again we printed out the top view of the planks from the Rhino files, glued them to the cardboard. As we were using cardboard of 2mm and 1mm, we alternately glued the print out to one and traced around the second with a scissors or a knife. Then we glued these two pieces together.

Sarah Fawsitt & Bente Grundvad




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