Piece 2 of the Princes Channel Wreck – Week 2

12 03 2009

For piece 2 of the Princes Channel Wreck we followed a similar process as piece 1 for the 1:20 scale model of the planks, whereby we used the lines from the digital recording (Rhino software) to trace out the planks and we used 1mm and 2mm cardboard glued together to achieve the appropriate scale thickness.

When focusing on the framing timbers of the wreck we were faced with the decision of whether to use timber or cardboard as both materials had their advantages and disadvantages. Using timber gave a neater finished product, however they took longer to produce and were also more likely to break the blades of the saws we were using. By gluing cardboard of varying thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm and 4mm it was easier to cut out the molding but, of course the cardboard being more brittle than wood, took more care not to damage.

In the end we settled on the cardboard option and were able to produce the framing timbers within 4 evenings of work. Again we printed out and used the lines from Rhino as guides for the outline of the sidings and moldings of the framing timbers.

We encountered problems where some views of the framing timbers were hidden from the camera and total station recorder. The measurements we then used were deduced from a combination of studying other fully documented timbers, photographs and some guesswork. Again we glued cardboard to achieve the desired siding thickness and with the jig-saw cut out the molded shape. After sanding down edges and recesses for the stringer we glued on the Rhino images onto the relevant faces.

The images show the stages of producing a framing element and the final picture shows most of piece 2, some elements are in the process of being made. We anticipate that more work will need to be done on the unknown aspects (reshaping) on the individual pieces once assembly of the planks and frames will commence.

Delia Ní Chíobháin & Andrew Stanek




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