Piece 1 of the Princess Channel wreck – Week 1

4 03 2009
We considered building the frames of piece 1 from cardboard or wood and we were undecided, so we decided to build the planks from cardboard first. From the archive we printed of 1:20 scale individual planks from piece one on A4 paper. We measured the A4 print outs of the individual planks and compared them to the 1:20 diagram of all the pieces of the Princess Channel wreck.
When we determined the individual plank print outs had printed at 1:20 scale, we cut out individual plank print outs in order to provide a stencil for our planks from paper. From the archives we recorded the thickness of each plank. We then calculated the most appropriate combinations of cardboard layers to make up the overall thickness of each plank. We used our paper stencil on the first layer of cardboard to cut out the plank shape by gluing the template to a small rectangular piece of cardboard and cutting with a knife around the outline. The first layer of cardboard cut from the stencil was the thinner layer of two centimetres. The combination of the thinner layer of cardboard and paper was glued to the thicker layer of cardboard of four centimetres thickness and used as a stencil to cut out the second layer of cardboard. Once the shape of the plank had been cut out from the second layer of cardboard the process was complete.
Completed planks

All in all the construction process on the first day began at 12.30 and finished at 16.30 and during this time we managed to complete nine planks.

Martin and Rikke




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