Diving on Gotland

1 09 2008

The class of 2007/2008 has just returned from a fieldschool on the Swedish island Gotland. Invited by the HUMA Project, students of the maritime Archaeology Programme participated in a diver survey just north of Visby.

The HUMA project focuses on the underwater cultural heritage of Gotland. In 2008 fieldwork concentrated on known locations connected with the loss of the Danish-Lübeck fleet on the west coast of Gotland in 1566.

MAP divers recording a timber at Brusviken

MAP divers recording a timber at Brusviken

Based at the wonderful Krusmyntagård, SDU students and staff spent three weeks surveying an area of seabed at Brusviken. The aim of the survey was to produce a map of artifact distribution on the site. In addition we recorded parts of the stern section of a vessel which had been located by local divers.

More fieldwork pictures can be found on our Flickr page. Further information on the project and the fieldwork session is available on the HUMA project webpage. A report on the fieldwork results is currently being produced and will be posted here when available.

Jens Auer

Assistant Professor

Maritime Archaeology Programme




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