The Gresham Project Fieldwork Part II

15 07 2008

MAP students are just back from a second fieldwork session in Horsea lake, Portsmouth, UK.

Recording in Horsea Lake

Recording in Horsea Lake

The diving fieldwork was part of the Gresham Wreck Hull Study Programme and focussed on finishing the on-site recording of the so called Gresham Wreck, a 16th century merchantman which has been deposited in the brackish lake (see the project page for more detail). Students recorded surface detail on one of the wreck sections and partly disassembled the bow of the vessel to understand the construction. On 7th July, the MAP team was visited by participants of the IKUWA conference fieldschool who also dived the wreck. See pictures from the survey on our Flickr page. The Maritime Archaeology Programme would like to thank the friendly personnel of the Defence Diving School in Portsmouth for their support.

Jens Auer

Assistant Professor

Maritime Archaeology Programme