Geophysical survey in Knudedyb

10 07 2007

In August 2007, the area in Knudedyb in which the medieval ship timbers had been discovered was surveyed with a side scan sonar in order to locate the associated shipwreck. The survey was carried out by students and staff of the Maritime Archaeology Programme in conjunction with the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. An Edgetech 4100 sonar was kindly provided by the local firm MacArtney A/S in Esbjerg.

Sidescan sonar capture on board the trawler Ho Bugt

Sidescan sonar capture on board the trawler Ho Bugt

The trawler E4 Ho Bugt was used as a survey vessel and the two fishermen who originally discovered the ship timbers guided the archaeologists to the area where they found the wreckage. During a five hour survey, 10 lines were run. Although a number of smaller anomalies were visible in the data, none of these could be immediately associated with a medieval shipwreck.

After post-processing, the most promising anomalies were chosen for a future diver inspection.